iLoveMalaysia Campaign Update


Whoa. This must be one of the best campaigns we have ever thrown yet!

We kept getting requests to update the status of this campaign, and receiving all the positive comments from the public about this campaign, it even surprised us! You can do the same too by leaving your comments at our Feedback System available in our website which allows you to comment on our Products & Services, website design, content, user friendliness, etc.

Below would be some of the comments we received from the public about this campaign:

iLoveMalaysia Campaign Update - Exabytes

Not bad, huh? 😀

Anyhu. Up to this minute, the participation for this iLoveMalaysia campaign has reached 1461 participations! Woohoo! This is sure gonna hard for us to select the winner! But you know the cue: Refer MORE for HIGHER chances of winning! It’s the only thing that will make you stand out from the rest, so common guys! The more you refer, the more you are noticeable to us, the higher chances for you to win! So refer more for a good chance of winning that much-dreamt-about iPhone 3GS and other goodies! 😀

Thank you all for your participation!