Have you ever had that exasperating moment where you found yourself drowned in the ocean of payroll files, leave forms, bills, or staff records, that you started wishing that you have four pair of hands (and legs. possibly antennas too!) to help you manage your HR dilemmas? Oh yes, we’ve been there, done that. But all thanks to EBiz HRM, we can now breathe a sigh of relief, lay back and relax, while it basically does everything for us!

Introducing EBiz HRM, a powerful fully web-based Human Resource Management System, which does loads of wonders, you would think that it’s some kind of cool, magic tool. Well, you can call it magic, but as for us, we would prefer to call it simply EBiz HRM – a HR management system, magically designed to kiss your ALL your HR dilemmas goodbye!

Designed with 4 unique modules, Exabytes’s EBiz HRM provides all the possible things you can think of to manage your HR dilemmas – from leaves management, to payroll management, to employees’ records, to salary printouts and so much more.. EBiz HRM possibilities are just endless!

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