Ting ting ting! Attention people! In just a few minutes, you will be introduced to our new Employee of The Month, who will be bringing back cash award of RM500 along with a heart full of pride and happiness! This special RM500 is given to her (yes, it is a she!) as she has shown her commitment in her work which entitles her to win this soaring title for the second time! You’ve seen her. You’ve read about her. You’ve probably even talked to her! So who is she? Your winner for this Month, ladies and gentleman, is none other than – Ms Annie Ong, Exabytes’ Legendary Hua Mu Lan! 😀

So what are the secrets behind her success, you may ask? Follow these traits ; you are guaranteed to be crowned as your company’s Employee of The Month too! Ms Annie Ong is the kind of lady who is

  • Incredibly efficient and dedicated in executing the tasks assigned to her.
  • Always ready to work even when at home
  • Very independent in executing her daily tasks
  • Extremely friendly and helpful with other team members (within or cross department)
  • Very hardworking and full of initiatives!
  • Personality traits revealed; still remember how she looks like? If you don’t, let me help you refresh your memory! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome, your reigning queen of the month, Ms Annie Ong! (Oops She Did It Again!) 😉


    And before we close the curtains, we have composed a poem just for her, for being the first person to win the title twice in a year! Congratulations again, Annie! 🙂

    We have a sweetheart, she’s such a sweetie,
    She can be cheeky, she can be naughty,
    She can be grumpy, most times she’s bubbly,
    We know we’re lucky, to have you Annie!

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