As you know, we brought home yet again another award from the prestigious Golden Bull Award just recently – for second consecutive time, no kidding! 😀

We knew we could not have done it without you, our customers, and this definitely calls for celebration for all of us! Therefore, in conjunction to this event, we invite you to join in the celebration by signing up to Exabytes Did It Again promotion to enjoy TWO YEARS worth of hosting, just for you!

Promotion #1 : EBiz Gold Promotion

Start your online business today and get your business running at home! Save on petrol, save on utility costs, and save on operating costs by saving with EBiz Gold!

Buy RM 399 + RM100 = get 2 years of hosting! (normal price: RM 698 for 2 years).
SAVE RM199! 

Promotion #2 : EBiz Plus Promotion

Why pay more when you have got so much to save during this economic downturn? Save and pay less for a longer hosting period with EBiz Plus!

Buy RM 269 + RM 100 = get 2 years of hosting! (normal price: RM 438 for 2 years).

* Promotions valid until 30 November 2008 so quick, let’s celebrate and save more today!

Promotion #3 : WhoIs ID Protect

Do you hate getting your private contact information exposed for the world to see? Worry no more! With WHOIS ID Shield, your confidential particulars can now be guarded from public viewing at only RM19.90/yr! (normal price: RM29.90/yr). This is to prevent you from receiving SPAM emails as well as junk sales too, so value your privacy. Get protected today!

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