Now who says all those years of chatting online with your friends do not serve you good? Who says speed-typing does not matter? Well guess what? Recently, Exabytes just threw our 2nd Typing Competition to determine the fastest typist in the house this second time around!

Organized by two event planners, David & HP Loh, it was one of the most exciting, easiest games to play! All the contestants need to do, was to sit quietly in front of the desktop, take a few deep breaths to calm the nerves down, and start typing feverishly away! The fastest typist who managed to successfully complete the 3 stages with minimum errors would be crowned as the winner! As easy as that! And the best thing is, this exciting competition also came with a line of prizes for the top-3 winners!

  • Grand Prize = Lexmark X2550 Printer
  • Second Prize = MP230 Edifier Multimedia Speaker + 2GB Kingston DataTraveler
  • Third Prize = Car FM Modulator + 2GB Kingston DataTraveler

Now check out our very own super typists in action!

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition


Looks like fun huh? It sure was! 😉 And without further ado, let us introduce you to the three winners!

The 2nd runner-up went to. . . Mr Andy, Exabytes Technical Manager!

Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition winner


The 1st runner-up went to. . . Ms Thara, Exabytes Creative Writer! (who was not there for prize giving ceremony but we managed to get her photo anyways!)



And the winner for Exabytes 2nd Typing Competition, who has been crowned as the Speed-Typing Master for twice in a row, is none other than the undisputed, unbeatable yet. . . Mr Guan, Exabytes Asst. Technical Manager!

Exabytes 2nd typing competition winner

Congratulations to all winners, not forgetting to the lucky draw winners as well! But before we close the curtains, we would also like to thank the OCs – David & Loh – for making this event a successful one!

David & Loh

Until another fun updates from us again, adios for now! 😉

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  1. wow haha. well, if Exabytes happen to organize another Typing Competition again, you should really consider joining! and the next Speed-Typing Master title could most probably be yours! 😛

  2. Hey Thara,

    After you replied to my every comment here I tried finding your photo (to see how you look).

    And I found it here! You look cute (look at your teeth LOL)! You are the creative director, wow! You are doing a good job here because this blog is updated like a personal blog! All the best; hope you win the 3rd tap-n-type contest! 🙂


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