Hello and attention all! The time has come again, and it is the time that you’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of the new Exabytes’ Employee of The Month!

Before we reveal the big secret, we gonna keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star is for this month.

He is a Martian sitting on the second floor in the office. Highly composed and almost always carries a poker face when he is in front of a computer, he seems cold, unhelpful and always hiding himself in the corner. Immensely focused on his work, his eyes exude the highest power of concentration you have ever seen. Yet it doesn’t mean he has the typical piercing eagle eyes. In fact, he appears most composed when he is in deep thought.

But we assure you that you will certainly be greatly surprised if you take the initiative to talk to him!! From someone with emotionless facial expression, he will turn to a smiling good Samaritan grinning to you and enthusiastically ask if you need any help. And if you throw him a question on programming, he will explain to you with great zeal and patience, readily answer a few more of them even sometimes they sound really simple to him.

His 100% commitment to his work has earned him this award the second time in 6 months! With much anticipation, who else can it be? 

This man is no other than our R&D Software Engineer, Chris Lee!

So what makes this man so special? Let’s check it out!

  • Shows 100% commitment to his work
  • Willing to work overtime to solve problems
  • His ability to follow up on issues closely
  • Extremely helpful with other team members (within or cross department)
  • Loves to share his knowledge with peers around him.

Congratulations to our reigning king of the month, Chris Lee, Exabytes’ R&D Software Engineer!

Right on! Chris

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Exa Bytes
Exa Bytes
13 years ago