As we march into the month of October, it feels that September has left us in the blink of an eye. As usual, everyone at Exabytes seems to be engrossed in his/her new challenges, new performance target and so forth. And in the midst of hectic daily work and numerous meetings, someone in the office has made a history in the month of September.

With self-sacrificing spirit, an outstanding employee in our Technical Team has managed to impress our ever critical judges of EOTM! In fact, choosing the EOTM is never an easy task for our panel of judges, as almost everyone in the office deserves compliments in terms of their hard work and dedication.

But in last September, someone has stood up among others, and here we are delighted to present to you our EOTM of September, System Engineer MR JY Teh!!!

For the last 4 years of his service, JY Teh has never stopped to impress us with his great sense of responsibility and high level of initiative. This time, he is again voted as our EOTM because:

  • Good follow-ups in server alert notification ~ mail spool monitoring
  • Assists to check server alert even it’s not within the scope of his monitoring task
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Understands clients’ enquiries very well

Employee of the month - September 2010

Congratulations JY Teh! This is not the first time you’ve made it, and we salute your self-sacrifice.

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13 years ago

Doctor !!! wow ~