August is an important month for Malaysians, as our Independence Day falls on 31 of August every year. But at Exabytes, August also makes us cherish…, cherish the hard word and dedication of a special person who manages to shine and make himself proud in the entire office.

That’s right! It’s again the moment of truth, and we are here to announce our EOTM of August!!

But before we reveal his/her name, let’s divulge some hints about this important person.

This person is a Martian, not only that, he is the tallest Martian in the office. A social being, he has no problem making friend with a stranger. Socializing is his weapon, impress a person after just a few minutes of conversation is his second nature. If these aren’t enough hints for you to guess it right, this August person has recently applied to be transferred to Exabytes’ Business Development Department – International Division.

Yeah… let’s put our hands together, for our August’s EOTM – MR Arren Tan!!

Reasons Arren was chosen as the star of the month are:

  • High sense of initiative – initiative to test on InstantAlert and
  • Quick responsiveness – prompt response on Helpdesk
  • Dedicated, highly committed to team work.
  • Able to work independently and is very resourceful

A cheerful person by nature, Arren is dedicated and unselfish when it concerns work. And in August, Arren had made himself and all of us at Exabytes proud!

Employee of the Month - August 2010

Congratulations, Arren, and keep up the good work!

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13 years ago

this angel got chicken feather ~~~~ xD