Greetings from Exabytes!

We are back again with our Hari Raya promotion! This year, we shall offer all our clients “Trade-In Hosting”! You must be wondering what is that? Keep reading to find out more!

Trade-In Hosting

We offer you trade-in hosting where you can trade-in your current hosting which you host with other hosting providers for a more rewarding value. Once you transfer to us, we shall extend your remaining duration with other providers for free.

How Does It Work?

1. Send us a Helpdesk Ticket, and provide us with their proof of purchase of hosting from other vendors.

2. If you still have remaining 6 months with your current hosting provider, fear no more! Once you transfer to us and if you purchase 1 year of hosting plan with us, your hosting duration will be 1 Year + 6 Months but, you only pay for the price of 1 year!

Your Privilege
Our existing clients who renew their hosting plan during this period will also be entitled the same privilege.

Order Now!

To take great advantages of this limited time offer, you may click on the following URL to trade-in your hosting plan to Exabytes NOW!

Exabytes US

Hosting Transfer

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