wordpress updatesDue to its popularity in the internet, WordPress is often targeted by hackers who want steal valuable information from your website.

To make your websites more secure, here are a few different types of security tools to enhance your websites:

1. Stay Up-To-Date

By constantly updating your WordPress installations, you are already following on of the simplest and must-do security measure to keep your WordPress safe from information leaks and other forms of vulnerability.

2. Using SSL


SSL not only authenticate your organization and protects it from hackers, but it also facilitates a trusting relationship between your organization and your clients. Contact us to enable HTTPS connection to your WordPress website.

Claim your FREE SSL, if you are using our Linux Small Business Hosting & WordPress Hosting.
*For eCommerce Website, we suggest using Essential SSL.

3. Security Your E-mail login

The mailbox security of your email should be of high concern. Every day, businesses often receive emails from customers containing private and confidential information. Your mailbox password should be secure to prevent it from easily being hacked or guessed.  Since email accounts are frequently used to manage important accounts or transactions, you should make full effort to ensure the security of your emails.

4. Using WordPress Security Theme Plugin

iThemes Security is a security plugin that protects your WordPress website. iThemes gives you easy backup, automatic file updates, and even website scanning that comes with high to low priority scan indications. In addition, you can also customise your security setup using the 13 available features in its settings.

5. WordPress Scan


There are a few types of scanning tools, both paid and free, that can be used to check for malicious codes inside your WordPress website. WordPress Security tests for vulnerabilities in your WordPress installations, such as your WordPress plugins, hosting environment and even your web server. It is always a good practice to do regular check-ups on your website to ensure for Trojan horse viruses.

6. Secure Hosting provider


A secure hosting provider is very important when it comes to hosting your WordPress website. It is very easy to take down your WordPress website when your server is vulnerable to hacks, and your provider does not provide powerful security mechanism to protect your website. Exabytes hosting comes with multiple levels of protection; we keep your server protected with firewall and monitoring tools to detect suspicious attack.

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