I am Exabytes happy client

You’ve been with us through thick and thin. You keep holding on to us, you keep supporting. You wish you could tell the world just how much you love us but you just can’t find a way, you just don’t know how?

Now how about showing your love to us and let everybody know just how happy you are for being our client by putting our beautiful banners in your website in order to win yourself a Nintendo DS Lite console worth $130! It’s that easy!

That’s right people. To win the Nintendo, all you have to do, is click on the logo found in our website, choose your preferred banner from the 5 beautiful banners and put it at your website. The javascript code of the banner will be made available in the landing page and once you obtain the code, paste the code to your website, and voila, you’re on your way of winning the most-wanted Nintendo!

Oh and, don’t forget to submit your name, client ID, domain name and the URL of the banner as well! There will be one winner for every month, so common and join us to win today!

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