5 Things about exabytes helpdesk

You might had submitted a ticket before to our Sales, Technical or Customer Service Team through helpdesk. But are you aware of all the functions that can help you? Let’s check out some of the important tips to use helpdesk like a Boss.

  1. Submit like a Boss

Our support is available 24×7, just like our server uptime. (https://support.exabytes.com/en/support/tickets/new)

However, sending a request using the Support Form is always a recommended option:

Tip 1: Fill in all the required details so that we can start the engine without asking any question.
Tip 2: Select the relevant department.
Tip 3: Set your case priority like a BOSS.new support ticket screenshot


  1. Manage like the Spiderman

What if you can’t remember your case number?

Tip 1:  Well, you don’t really have to. You can always login to the portal and have a check on the status of the case you submitted.

ticket status screenshot


  1. Beyond the call of duty

We deploy automated bots for monitoring, and real humans for further interaction with you. However, if you need an urgent update, you may either check on the status at the helpdesk portal or live chat with us.

Tip 1: Open a live chat that runs 24×7 and provide your case ID.

live chat screenshot

Tip 2: Submit a new case to have another system engineer on duty to rush it for you.

  1. Who closes the case

Our helpdesk bots will auto close the case if there is no reply from both parties after 72 hours. (Sorry, they are bots =\ )
You are welcome to reopen the case, and ask them to monitor the issue again!

  1. Don’t keep the secret to yourself

Did we do a good job? Are you satisfied with the solution provided? Tell us.

satisfaction rating screenshot

An ‘Apple’ a day keeps the doctor away.
An ‘Awesome’ rating a day keeps the Support awake!

Happy rating everyone, contact us if you have any other enquiries:


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