Hey, interesting title there isn’t it? Did it attract you to read? Gotcha!

If you still remember, Exabytes is celebrating our 7th year anniversary this year. 7 special promotions were launched in conjunction with this memorable year. So, manage to recall anything? And relate 7 special promotions to this title? Yes? No? Haha..nevermind, that’s the point of having a blog, I will just link you to this 7th anniversary memorable page.

First icon – Win me back, express all you want! That’s it. We have the winner already! Yes, it’s a winner without “s” at the back of the word (as we previously announced that there will be only ONE winner). But, as you know, Exabytes just loves feedbacks, so, we cannot help it but to choose another 5 winnerS – notice that, we have “s” now. So, check out those lucky winners and their blogs.

Let’s start with 5 consolation prize winners. What will they get? It’s our exclusive Exabytes 7th Anniversary t-shirt. Here goes the list…

Soh Yiin Lih – This blog has got a mixture of Chinese words and english words: http://www.kilikulu.com

Siew Wing Loon – Exabytes celebrates 7th anniversary!

Kim Ling Yew – Why I’m in bed with my hosting provider?: http://lingyew.multiply.com/journal/item/5/Why_Im_in-bed_with_my_web_hosting_provider_and_not_other_providers

Chuah Kee Man – Exabytes the bytes that bite

Sashidharan Subramaniam- Exabytes, should I go back?

Now..time for the 8GB iPod Touch winner! The grand prize goes to………..

Syed Ahmad Fuqaha – Want good house for joomla in Malaysia!: http://www.sayafuqaha.com/blog/tech-stuff/want-good-house-for-joomla-in-malaysia.php

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for participting and for non-winners, we truly thank you for your time spent to join this contest!


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