Time passes by, and before you know it, our dear Malaysia, is going to turn 52 this 31st August. And from what we see, this calls for a celebration! That’s right people, it’s celebration time!

Come celebrate this glorious day with much joy and happiness as we pamper you with even more SPECIAL discounts to give away!

  1. Get one of our shared hosting plans and get a whopping discount of 52%! The earlier you order, the more discount you get, so hurry and order today!
  2. .my domain names sale for as low as RM0.99/year! Insanely low price? You bet it is!

Now don’t wait for tomorrow. Buy TODAY to get CHEAPER price!

And don’t forget to tweet about our fabulous Merdeka promotion to win cool iPod Shuffles! Limited to first 5 winners only, so tweet now and win today!


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14 years ago

Am i dreaming?