Have you ever had that exasperating moment where you found yourself drowned in a pool of bills, and you started wishing that you have four pair of hands (and legs. possibly antennas too!) to help you manage your billing dilemmas? You tried to seek help from so-called advanced automation software in the market, but they ended up failing you still? Well, we have. And that is why we have decided to change to whole new software for our billing system!  And so, it’s bye-bye ModernBill and hello WHMCS from all of us of Exabytes. 🙂  

Just in case you weren’t already aware, WHMCompleteSolution v3.6 is actually a powerful automated billing system, which basically does all the work for you, at the same time, cater all your billing needs. Inline to what its slogan suggests, WHMCS is indeed, a powerful integrated client management, billing and support system which provide all the possible things you can think of to manage your clients – from account creation, provision, suspension & termination, to domain registration, renewal & transfers, to packages upgrade/downgrade and much more.. WHMCS possibilities are just endless! 

Below would be the snapshot of WHMCS system homepage and some of the features featured in it :


Complete Client Area
Besides having multi-language support, what makes WHMCS stand out from other billing system is its complete Client Area where registered clients are granted one single central access point to manage their account, request for support, place their orders, view announcements, and much more. It also does offer the non-registered visitors, with a domain checker, downloads, knowledgebase and server status summary.

Customer Profiles
Each company’s client is provided with his own profile section where it contains all his personal information, business transactions & invoices, email archives, domains and notes. Besides being able to see and monitor a client’s statistic, the company is also able to manage the details of his client, e.g. : payment methods, notes addition, etc.

Powerful & Flexible Billing
WHMCS supports Dedicated Server, Hosting, Downloadable Reseller & Other Non Hosting Related Products. Each product can have add-ons, configurable options, downloadable files, custom fields, and custom welcome emails specific to that individual product.

Integrated Support System
Has downloads, announcements section, support ticket system, and knowledgebase (a resource for comprehensive research, troubleshooting advice and information on related issues). The ticket system too can handle both registered and unregistered clients, has full email piping and multi-department support with admin assignment.

Automated Server & Domain Integration
Besides supporting server rotation and multiple active registrars concurrently, communication between servers and domain registrars can also be done for account provision, services suspension & termination, domains registration, renewal & transfer, name servers update, packages upgrade/downgrade, contact information modification, and more.

Statistical Reports & Summaries
WHMCS also provides a selection of different reports with statistical and financial statistics for business’s further assessment. Individual reports can also be created using the modular reporting system.

With that being said, it is clear why we have recently decided to change our ModernBill billing system to WHMCS – it just does wonders! And although we have only started using it for less than a month now, we do find that WHMCS offers more features, better feedback response time, and more user-friendly, compared to ModernBill, which bugs are often found in the system. And since we have only started using it, it is still too early for us to judge the reliability and stability of this software, although the probability of bugs to exist in it is definitely low from the research made. Hence, keep yourself glued to the chair and let us keep all of you technology-savvy readers updated with WHMCS performance soon! In the meantime, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that this software would work exactly how we want it to be! 😉

For more info on WHMCS v3.6, please log on to www.whmcs.com.


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Malaysia Web Hosting
Malaysia Web Hosting
15 years ago

Yay… glad to see that you have changed to WHMCS. WHMCS is great but still a lot of room for improvements. The support ticket system is really basic and have a lot weaknesses. I would suggest that you remain using Kayako eSupport.