Yippie! After months of waiting, .my 2LD (stands for Second Level Domain) is available for public registration now!! By the way, before I continue, do you have any idea, what .my 2LD is? No?! Sweet! I will explain first.

A second level domain name (2LD) is a shorter domain name (e.g ‘exabytes.my’) as compared to a third level domain name (3LD) (e.g. exabytes.com.my). Something like exabytes.com and just that the .com is now available with the extension “.my”.


Exabytes has specially drafted out an easy-to-understand registration process for .my 2LD which you cannot find elsewhere!

What are you waiting for? Get your detailed instruction on purchasing a .my 2LD now & grab it before your enemy grabs it! According to Mynic , it’s based on first come first served basis! It’s sold at a very reasonable price at only, RM 120/year.

Malaysians! Don’t wait, act now!

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