Hurrah…! The festival of lights, Deepavali or Diwali is just around the corner. In celebration of the most important festival widely celebrated by Hindus and Indians in numerous countries, Exabytes presents to you “Deepavali .CO.IN and .IN Domain Fever” which is seldom and hard to come by, unlike promotions of other domain extensions.

On this coming 26th Oct (1 day ONLY!!), as we too are submerged in the ambience of auspicious lighting and joyful atmosphere of this special festival of lights, .CO.IN and .IN Domains are up for grabs at USD0.99 ONLY until the 10th domain is sold. The price of .CO.IN and .IN Domains will increase by USD1 for the 11th domain, i.e. prices move up by $1 for every subsequent 10 domains sold.

USD25.65 Vs USD0.99!! 
If you have a free website but do not own an identity for your website (domain names), GRAB ONE NOW BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASES! If you plan to have a website (or an additional website) but have not purchased any domain name, WHY PAY USD25.65 (normal price) WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME THING FOR USD0.99?


Domain Fever 2011 Pricing for 1 year















Grab your domain now!


Terms And Conditions

  • This promotion is for NEW domain registrations only.  Upon renewal, prices will revert to normal.
  • Registrations of domains is on first comes first served basis.  Submitting your order to Exabytes does not mean your requested domain(s) will be registered until payment confirmation is received.
  • Submission of your order to Exabytes does not mean that your domain name can be registered successfully.  In the event that the registration is not successful, Exabytes will refund the amount to you accordingly.
  • Domain registration fee is strictly not refundable if the domain name has been successfully registered.
  • Promotion is only valid on 26th October 2011.
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