Let’s face it.

We all live in a whirlwind pool of life nowadays. With all the dramas going on, and the heaps of tasks waiting to be completed, and your data needing just the secure place to reside, why give another reason to waste any more of that precious time, one of it having to wait for your server to be up?

That’s why, Exabytes has come up with a brand new plan, unique in Malaysian market – the Instant Dedicated Servers plan! With Instant Dedicated Servers, your Dedicated Server is guaranteed to be up within a day! Can’t believe your eyes? Better believe it! We are very confident that we will pull this off so easily, that we are confident to credit back RM100 each day, up to 5 days, for every single day of installation delay!

Be the first to take up this challenge, and get the chance to go hip and stylish with funky iPod Shuffle (worth RM189) that comes along for FREE once you sign up to this plan!

Sign up to Instant Dedicated Server today!

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