Exabytes Semi Dedicated Server

Looking for a better plan to cater the demanding needs of your expanding business? Thinking of getting a Dedicated Server but not quite ready to take the leap? Exabytes Semi-D server might just be your answer!

Grab Exabytes Semi-D and get a one-time USD100 discount today (coupon code : 100semid) to enjoy the benefits of a full-fledged Dedicated Server, at a fraction cost! This promotion is applicable to the 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years billing cycle, so hurry and get one now!

There’s more! Exabytes is also now throwing an exciting 50% discount on our shared hosting plans (EBiz Plus/Gold/EBossss) to our Twitter followers from 15th until 28th February 2010. So just in case you haven’t already followed us, time to get busy and become our Twitter follower now! *Terms and conditions apply.

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Exabytes has specialized in providing web hosting services since year 2001. Ranked No. 1 in Malaysia since 2005, we now serve over 75,000+ Customers (from individuals, students, small & medium size businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries and manage over 1000+ Servers with 100,000+ websites, 1,000,000+ email accounts.
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