Thank you very much for your constant visits to our blog, and your enthusiasm and keen interest in keeping up with us for new updates and information.

Just a gentle reminder that in an effort to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, we will be upgrading our helpdesk ticketing system (Kayako Helpdesk) to a brand new ticketing system (SmarterTrack helpdesk) at the date/time scheduled below:

Subject – Exabytes : Scheduled Helpdesk Migration
Date : 25-July-2009
Time : 09.00PM GMT+8 – 9.00AM GMT+8

As part of our ongoing process to improve the quality of support and customer service experience for our users, we will be changing the existing helpdesk ticketing system – Kayako to a brand new ticketing system – SmarterTrack at the date/time scheduled as above.

Upon the completion of the switchover, the following items will be changed in our new helpdesk ticketing system:

1. A new interface of Support Portal @ and Knowledgebase Category.
2. All of the previous announcement links sent prior to the helpdesk migration will become invalid. If you receive any of our announcements for any scheduled server or network maintenance from 06 July 2009 until 25 July 2009, please visit to get the latest updates on the scheduled maintenance.
3. All Knowledgebase URLs which were provided by our staff replies prior to this will become invalid as well as to the change of the URL at the new ticketing system.
4. Download Section will be unavailable upon the completion of helpdesk changeover.
5. Video Tutorials and Security Portal section will remain available.
6. All previously submitted ticket history will continue to be available in the new ticketing system.
7. The new system will change the ticketing ID to a new format. All previously ticket ID in Kayako system will be stored as a custom field in the new system that allows us to retrieve the pass conversation history. Your reply to the same ticket ID will reach our system with a new ticket ID.

During the upgrade window, we will disable access to our existing helpdesk portal as to convert the latest database data to the new helpdesk system. The access to will be redirected to a maintenance window page which we will post up the latest progress of the upgrade. Additionally to that, Live Chat will be unavailable as well during the upgrade window.

For questions about any issues that you may have, you can) still contact us at the following email addresses during the upgrade window:

Technical Support Department –
Billing Department –
Domain Department –
Admin Department –
Customer Service Department –
Sales Department –
Affiliate / Angel Department –
Abuse Department –
Feedback Department –

We sincerely thank you for your warm support given to us throughout these years and we trust that with the new system, we will be able to provide you with a better quality hosting service and experience.

Best Regards,

Support Team
Technical Department
Exa Bytes Network Private Limited



  1. having issue login as following:-

    ERROR: You do not have enough permissions to access this page. Please login by entering your Email and Password.

  2. kiatlc :
    I am looking for a Helpdesk software myself. What are the comparative benefits of new ticket system compared to Kayako?

    Hi, here are a few here:

    -Detail reporting about the performance of the entire company helpdesk. Previously Kayako won’t be able to generate any details reporting about each department performance, including staff

    -Quality Control – we can setup rules to monitor staff’s reply

    -Follow up cases – Easier for specific employee to follow up on the issues/cases.

  3. @sy

    But is the new Support System of exabytes proprietary or can you share with us which is the one exabytes is using now?

    I would like to use the same than them or otherwise Kayako.

  4. augusto :
    But is the new Support System of exabytes proprietary or can you share with us which is the one exabytes is using now?
    I would like to use the same than them or otherwise Kayako.

    We are using smarter track.


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