Exabytes Movie Day Countdown

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO…! YES! You guessed it RIGHT! It’s the Exabytes Movie Day – The Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen at GSC Gurney Plaza in PENANG! Only 5 days left to the day of showing, and many of us at Exabytes are desperately fighting to contain our excitement to see Autobots roll out and fight! At the same time, we also can’t wait to meet our movie lovers-cum-loyal customers who we haven’t met for such a long time!

So do you ‘man in blue’ still remember the deal we sealed in the previous invitation email? YES! We have a mystery gift awaiting you and what you need to do is just dress in blue on the day itself. Ticket collection starts from 10.00am and while it’s highly recommended that you bring along your sweater and have your tasty popcorn, please don’t forget to also bring along your CONFIRMATION LETTER for ticket redemption!

Now if you would excuse us, we’d like to go sort out the blue shirts we will be wearing on this coming Sunday! See you guys there!

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14 years ago

4 days to go .. yuhoooooo