Father’s Day is around the corner, a day which is dedicated to honour the significant role of fathers around the world. While mothers are best known for having the tough job of juggling the demands of work with household errands and children activities, fathers are honourly known as the breadwinners for the families. This may not hold true in many modern families, for modern dads do a lot more than that! Not only they serve as educators, mentors and even friends to their children, they are also very important role models in the families. They may not have that melting and seraphic smile of mums, but we all know that behind that facade of indifference and strictness, is an extremely caring, warm and gentle heart.

Exabytes cherishes this special occasion which honours and commemorates fathers, fatherhood and male parenting. Wishing all fathers out there a fun-filled, meaningful and unforgettable Father’s Day from all of us at Exabytes!

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