May 1st - Let's have a parade, let's celebrate - labor day 2009

Yoohoo! Labor Day has come to salsa with us once again!

This May Day, Exabytes would like to give a toast to all the working men & women who have worked so hard in juggling both work and life balance with grace! We know you’ve worked hard, so just for this day, take our advice and . . . party harder! Haha!

In conjunction to this special event, please be informed that Exabytes office will be closed for one day on Friday (01/05/09) and will resume normal operating hours starting Monday (04/05/09).

However, any queries can be directed to our helpdesk or email us at [email protected], and your queries are sure to be attended as soon as possible!

Wishing your Labor Day is filled with sun and loads of fun, happy Labor Day and happy long weekend, everyone! 😉

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