Ahoy! Welcome on board! As promised, we are happy to make this EOTM an ongoing event in keeping all our customers informed about our best performers in Exabytes! So here comes another deserving star, entitling him to win this award! Oh yes, the competition is getting hotter, and the award goes back to the manhood this time!

Need to know anything about webhosting? He’s the man. Need consultation on the best solution to your webhosting needs? He’s the man. Need to fix the annoying little bugs to your problematic websites? He’s the man! With that much of knowledge in webhosting coupled with much patience and charisma, the deserving winner for this month ladies and gentlemen, goes to – Mr David, the Certified Webhosting Doctor!

That’s right, for some of you, this David is the same David that has been corresponding with you while helping to resolve your webhosting issues through the tickets sent it! David has shown such remarkable dedication and commitment, it is very rare to find him disappointing the customers. In fact, his replies were always so precise, clear and straight to the point, help to clear any uncertainties that may have troubled our customers – making him one of customers’ favorite “webhosting doctors”! 😉

So what are the traits he has, making him the best yet among the rest? Let’s check it out!

  • Able to solve some unresolved issues.
  • Try best to understand client’s request and reply them clearly with alternative solutions.
  • Able to provide detailed explanation on any issues asked.
  • Incredibly efficient and dedicated in executing the tasks assigned to him.
  • Very independent in executing his daily tasks.
  • Very hardworking and full of initiatives.
  • Manage to assist customers in a timely manner.
  • Manage to resolve overdue tickets efficiently.
  • Extremely friendly, and treat his other team members with respect.
  • Ahh. So that’s what makes him a winner! Okay, personality traits revealed, but how does this sounds-like-a-handsome-lad look like? A handsome lad he is indeed – ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for your reigning king of the month, Mr David Ch’ng!


    Needless to say, David’s ability to answer all 1001 tickets sent in, with much clarity and efficiency has without a doubt make him just one of the best System Engineers in house a.k.a the best Certified Webhosting Doctor alive! That said, congratulations again, David! 🙂

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