Love Letters Vs News Letters

Let’s say:

A Marketer is a Casanova who intends to court / pursue many girls at one time
Recipients are pretty girls who are targeted by the Casanova
Ebuzzzz is your Postmaster
Antispam Tools are the Guardians of the girls who filter the Love Letters and make sure only good Love Letters reach the girls
Spam Databases are Police Stations which keep the name lists of blacklisted Casanovas
An ISP is a Local Authority which takes actions to block blacklisted Casanovas, with reference to Police Stations (Spam Databases)

Before you (a marketer) successfully win the heart of a girl (close the sales), there are many processes involved during the transformation and one of the most basic but powerful weapons is writing Love letters (News Letters).

Stage 1

Tip 1: Shortlist your targets
You will need to collect your recipients’ addresses from a trusted source and make sure they are still active with correct spellings.

Scenario: If your brother who supplies you with the information simply collected unknown girls’ addresses from third party and give them to you, or the addresses he gave to you were actually his collection of addresses in the past 10 years,

How many of them do you think are still valid and active?

Tip 2: Respect the girls’ will
Blasting out newsletters without asking permission is like a stranger pushing Love Letters into somebody’s mailbox.
The recipient may open the first time out of curiosity but you can be sure that your next sending will be opened by a scavenger.

Scenario: Ask the permission politely from a girl to accept your Love Letters with smile.
Even if your writing is bad but I believe she will still give you a second chance.
If she rejects, just look for another girl to avoid her complaining to her Guardian or even worse…report you to the Police Station or Local Authority which will then blacklist your Postmaster (Ebuzzzz) and your mailing address.

Stage 2

Well done! You have got a group of girls’ addresses in your hand. It is time for you to find a Postmaster to help you deliver your Love Letters!

BUT, wait……

Tip 3: Don’t write your grandmother’s story or soccer news in Love Letters!
A newsletter is not simply an email that carries messages.
If it carries the wrong and unrelated messages with regard to what the recipient expects or is interested in, it will become a spam.

The same applies to Love Letters. It either falls into your girl’s hands with a smile or a dustbin with contempt.

Tip 4: Pronounce your girls’ names in Love Letters.
Always put your customers’ names in your newsletter greetings, eg: Dear Christine, it will attract their attention at first sign to continue to read what you have written inside.

Nothing is nicer than receiving a Love Letter that shows your name at the greetings.
It’s not only unique but it also shows your respect to them. (even if you send the same content to 100 girls at the same time).

Tip 5: Use same email address for your every sending.
If your newsletters always are sent out using [email protected] then stick to it.
Please do not change the sender’s email address frequently and the worst is using company A email address to blast out content which belongs to company B.

When the Love Letters from your apartment unit address successfully pass though the girl’s guardian checking and get permission, why do you want to risk yourself again sending out from an unknown address?

Or even worse, from another state/country.

It doesn’t only put your Love Letters at risk but your dream girls may not recognize it is from you.

Tip 6: Don’t use common sentences.
If your newsletters contain those common spam keywords, then your newsletter content will get a high spam score as well.
It will increase the chances of your sending fall into Junk folder or Spam filtering.

Please don’t be lazy and use your own creativity! Who knows your girls may have sensitive guardians in their house.

If you just copy and paste those content from Wiki, the chance that you get caught will be high as well.

Based on the guardians’ experience after reading through every Love Letter that is sent to their daughters, keywords that you are writing in your subject and content preferably are not the same with those mails sent by other bad boys who they or their daughters dislike.

So, squeeze your mind and spend some time to think and design your phrases! It doesn’t only win your girls’ hearts but also get through their parents’ eagle eyes.

Stage 3:

It is sad that your girls’ hearts change but with proper separation method, both of you can still be friends!!

Tip 7: A happy ending if love doesn’t happen.
If your recipients decide not to continue subscribing to your newsletters, give them a chance to unsubscribe by including an Unsubscribe Link inside your newsletters.

When your girl feels both of your fate has come to an end or she wants to receive Love Letters from another guy, forceful Love Letter sending will make the situation worse.

An option to let her temporarily stop to receive your Love Letters will be a win-win solution so that you can concentrate on other targeted girls or new ones while waiting for her to change her mind.

Tip 8: Review your Love Letter Efficiency
Set up Bounce settings to gather bounce back emails that are returned to you so that you can remove those addresses which are no longer valid or active and review/improve your Love Letter efficiency.

You will be more well prepared in your next round of sending.

“EVERY MASTER WAS ONCE A DISASTER” – Learning from mistakes will make a Casanova target better and better in future.

The total number of your prospective girlfriends may reduce after unsubscription and bounce back removal but it also gives you more understanding of how to get more and more of your dream girls (customers) in future and become more appreciative of the girlfriends (customers) you already have now.

If your Love Letters continue to cheer them up, who knows more girls will be looking for you automatically once you have a good reputation and image?


Exabytes is just a Postmaster in a mass mailing sending. The address reputation of our post office (server) is important but the same applies to senders’ email addresses and their newsletter content as well.

Willingness of the recipients is also a very important element to keep a good and long term relationship among all parties, including spam database and ISP as well.

Written by – Gaveen Khor.

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