Since 1985, sport enthusiasts from all over the world have flocked to Penang yearly to participate in the grand scale marathon event – Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM).

Marked by the captivating sight of the sunrise as it reveals the panoramic view of the “Pearl of the Orient”, today, PBIM does not only attract the attention of serious runners but amateurs or even families who simply want to spend a fun and meaningful time participating in this enjoyable event.

Not wanting to miss out on the joy, this year Exabytes has again partnered with the Penang State Tourism Development, Cultural, Art and Heritage to make this event a jubilant one! Besides having a booth set up at the occasion, we have a very eye-captivating cartoon-like cutie backdrop standing at 6 feet for our upbeat marathon runners to take a few snapshots to freeze this very unforgettable moment.

EXABEES, mascot of our newly launched can be seen accompanying the marathon runner in the backdrop while giving introduction to the places of attraction in Penang such as Komtar – the tallest building in Penang and Penang Bridge as well as PBIM logo to enhance everyone’s memorable experience on this beautiful island.

Our PBIM banner backdrop designed by our very own Designer of Exabytes, Vickson and Alysa!

Our Photographer of the day, Arren aka Photographer.

Getting ready for the photoshoot for our HTC contest participants.

Mr. Chan and Ms Ooi getting ready for the biscuit  and hand fan distribution.

Preparing for the marathon!

In addition, everyone at the event stands a chance to win a HTC WildFire by just snapping a picture at Exabytes’ backdrop and yourselves (maybe plus your friends) then email it to us. We will upload your picture to Exabytes (MY) photo album, and the owner of the picture which got the most “Like” will win a HTC WildFire!!! If you didn’t get to snap a picture on that day, you could also help your favourite runner to win the prize by ‘like’ their pictures on facebook Exabytes (MY) photo album:

PBIM 2010 Album 1
PBIM 2010 Album 2
PBIM 2010 Album 3

From 11pm onwards, as the atmosphere was getting hotter when more and more runners came in, we Exabees (Employees of Exabytes) had prepared 1500 units of plastic hand fans to give away to the marathon runners. 100 units of plastic hand fans were given out every hour starting from 11pm, to help the participants cool themselves down especially after sunrise. While many of you have expressed your gratitude to Exabees for the free plastic hand fans, we want to thank you all also for liking our hand fans! đŸ™‚

After that, it’s…. BISCUIT TIME! 6000 packets of biscuits of different flavors (lemon, mango, rich tea oat, kiam pia) complementary from Exabytes were waiting for the first batch of runners who arrived around 4.15am. To some Exabees, it felt like we were the Angels who gave away the biscuits to satisfy the hungriness among the people! Oops!

Sorry for getting carried away, but seeing the happy faces of the participants when receiving our biscuits was just too fulfilling to a lot of us. Furthermore, thanks to all the volunteer runners who helped us to distribute the biscuits at our booth to other runners and friends. Final report – 6000 packets of biscuits were up in 2-3 hours.

Before the post ends, in all sincerity, Exabytes would like to say a thousand thanks to all Organizing Committee members and the volunteers from within Exabytes who have worked so hard to make this event a successful one.

Last but not least, a very big Thank You to Exabytes’ CEO – Mr Chan Kee Siak for being with the team the whole night, working together with us and giving his 100% support nightlong. Although it was indeed a very exhausting overnight event, this is definitely one memorable experience to be cherished!

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