After weeks of contest, Facebook Mother’s Day Contest has just been over!

And here, we will have our Winner announced!! Let us congratulate our great winner, Zahrin Mohd!

Congratulations, Zahrin Mohd! You have won yourself 2 entrance tickets to Universal Studio Singapore and you can now bring your beloved mum to visit and have a fun time there! ^^

We are happy for you and do share with us some of your lovely photos at Universal Studio Singapore 😀

Throughout the contest, we have 11 participants and here are the summarised results:

Participant 1 – Nurul Ain Othman: 134 Votes

Participant 2 – Pinky Estores: 9 Votes Votes

Participant 3 – Nik Ahmad Zainalddin: 37 Votes

Participant 4 – Angeliegh James Liberatus: 54 Votes

Participant 5 – Sharon Tan: 7 Votes

Participant 6 – Siok Hiong: 11 Votes

Participant 7 – Suhaila Zaire: 154 Votes

Participant 8 – Wren Chin: 15 Votes

Participant 9 – Zahrin Mohd: 405 Votes!!!

Participant 10 – Nao Kiyoshi: 5 Votes

Participant 11 – Mimi Eniliana: 232 Votes

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