Lately, there is one little angel in the office who flies from here to there to work extra hard to compensate for the work left by her fellow colleagues who are on leave or absent for some reason. She wouldn’t mind lending an extra hand, although it means working longer hours and staying in the office after everyone has left.

This walking angel in our office is extroverted, cheerful and highly sociable. An optimistic person, her bubbly and easy-to-make-friends personality has always filled up the office with laughter. Downright extroverted, she enjoys adventurous and extremely demanding outdoor activities even some guys might shrink from.

Speaking of this, does anyone know that she has conquered the great Mount Kinabalu in Sabah? 🙂 Just like how she approaches all her favourite exciting outdoor activities, she is greatly independent when it concerns work. Not only that, she handles all the incoming complaints with professional grace and whenever she is asked to help, she always assists her team members wholeheartedly.

So who is this special lady and why are we describing her in such a great length here? 🙂

Well, well, well… As a company which truly appreciates and values hard work, responsibility and intense dedication, this lady is definitely worth mentioning! And because of all that wonderful attributes and selfless hard work she puts in, she is officially voted as our EOTM for May 2010!!!

Announcing our EOTM for May 2010, Miss Tan Chia Ying!!!

Reasons she was voted as our EOTM for May 2010:

• Handles the whole Customer Service Department when her fellow colleagues Sharon and Sau Hun were on leave
• Works independently
• Handles complaints and assist team members well
• Friendly and helpful
• Works overtime

Exabytes Employee of the month chia ying

Congratulations Chia Ying! We are proud of you not only because you have conquered Mount Kinabalu (which a lot of us haven’t got the chance/guts to do it yet), but also your self-sacrificing spirit at work!

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