Ah ha! Here comes again the monthly event we were looking forwards for so long. Exabytes Employee of The Month Award! This time the November award goes to one of our handy and competent technical engineer. We are proudly to present you, “Powerpuff Girl of Exabytes” — Ms HP Loh!!

Well, I guess many clients already knew this name and have been aided by her for plenty of technical issues. With following achievements, everyone would no doubt she is well deserved for this honor.

– Particularly she is well-known with her another appellation “Email Queen”. Hey, please do not misunderstand that she is the ultimate spammer who love to flood people mailboxes with forwarded mails or junk mails. In fact, she is the marvelous remedy to our customers suffer by many complicated diseases of email service.

– She is responsible and always take accountability to troubleshoot complicated issues.

– From time to time, she takes initiative to handle issues even they are not directly assigned to her.

– She able to follow up customer issues well and accomplish them in appropriate way.

– During busy time, she always willing to work overtime and assist the other technical engineers to provide support to customer issues.

– She able to complete tasks assigned and provide detailed information. Whenever she faces difficult issues, she won’t throw in the towel easily. The setbacks only strengthen her determination to get to the bottom of the issues and firmly resolve them.

Take a glance at the face of the amazing heroine we are talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a big hand to her!


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16 years ago

congrats! hehe.. 🙂