There is a saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but recently at Exabytes, good news does happen to the same person twice. This person is the master of Steven Chow’s ‘mou lei tao’ humor, and he usually tells jokes with a very innocent face. In November 2010, he had once again impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM, and emerged as the best employee within only 5 months for the second time.

That’s right! It’s the moment of truth, and we are proud to announce our November EOTM – technical engineer, MR Gaveen Khor! Besides being a highly productive and dedicated staff, Gaveen is also an avid filmmaker of short comedy-clips. Although not professionally involved, he is keen on the hobby and has not missed out on any chance to participate in many local humorous short-clip making competitions.

Not only is his working attitude worth mentioning, Gaveen is a very likeable person who always carries a smiling face. Last November, he was again voted as the EOTM because:

  • has the initiative to come out with solutions to enable clients easily understand what EBuzzzz is in Exabytes newsletters
  • friendly to every team member
  • tries his best to assist clients or any team member to assist clients
  • able to cooperate with teams
  • able to communicate clearly when questions asked
  • responsible for the tasks given to him
  • able to assist customers professionally

Congratulations Gaveen, you have proven that good news can indeed happen twice! 🙂

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12 years ago

Wow! Congrate for being the Employee of the month for twice! Good news do happen twice! hehe…. 🙂