Exabytes Employee of The Month July 2012

Does anyone here believe in Karma? Do you think that when you do good, something good will find its way back to you? As a keen member of Tzu Chi, our EOTM July 2012 certainly does! A kind hearted person who never hesitates to give a helping hand to others, our July Superstar is certainly liked by many in the office. However, she has her ‘weak point’ too. Whenever she is stressed out at work, she would take out a package of readily prepared snack and start to nibble on them. Although it makes us worry that she might indulge in all these too often, she is able to overcome all the challenges she faces at work with an optimistic attitude and a package of snack 🙂

Moreover, since she started her service at Exabytes, she has shown significant improvement in her web design skills. Without further delay, let’s give it up to Web & Graphic Designer, Ms Pang Poh Li!

Poh Li is officially the Superstar of July 2012 because she:

  • was extremely helpful, especially in guiding her juniors
  • was punctual and efficient at work
  • took the initiative to perform extra work when she was free
  • helped to ease the workload of seniors by slowly taking over some important tasks
  • enjoyed her work; carried a smiling face every day and brightened our days


Congratulations, Poh Li! You made us proud!


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