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Start 2008 Right Off With High Speed and Storage!


Exabytes welcomes 2008 with this first promotion for dedicated server.

Whether speed or storage is your essential concern in web hosting, we have the right solution that would keep you satisfied.


Have you ever experienced slowness or even “freeze” in your personal computer or laptop caused by lack of memory? Frustrated? I bet most were. Occasionally it could happen in web application as well. To avoid this difficult moment, we would speed up your server with Double RAM in this promotion. Purchase any size of RAM and it will be doubled up free of charge! This great offer is valid for all dedicated servers.


If you are seeking for a new dedicated server, then check out the latest promotion which would be your great opportunity. Our Special Bundle Server offers you tremendous 1 Terabyte SATA Hard Disk, 2048MB RAM ECC, SmarterMail4 50 Domains/250 Users (worth RM 756.00), Submitnet SEO and many more. All of these add-on worth RM 16,190! Somehow you do not have to pay for these add-ons. They are free!

For more information and detail, check out at following link.

It’s Show Time Again!


Finally the awaited day has come. Bright expectant faces appeared in GSC Pavilion Mall in KL, looking forward for another joyful event from Exabytes—the private movie screening for Christmas blockbuster “Alien versus Predator 2”!

This was the second private movie screening from Exabytes after the first private movie screening held in GSC, Queensbay Mall in Penang on November 2007. You can catch up our first private movie screening experience here.

After the first successful screening in Penang, this time we decided to bring our second private movie screening to Kuala Lumpur, as requite to the great support from our clients and also partnership from our business partners who based in Klang Valley area.

With the hard work from us prepared for the event and long journey traveled from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, it paid off at the end. This event has received enthusiastic response from our invited guests consists of our clients, business partners as well as webmasters. Again it was another fruitful event in Exabytes’s book of history.

A picture worth thousand words. Let’s us share the delightful moments of the event with you through the snapshots.

Exabytes members reached GSC Cinema.


Preparing and setting up ticket redemption counter.



Early birds that came to redeem their tickets and freebies.



Snapshot of our ticket redemption counter.


Our sweet and friendly redemption counter service personnels.


Invited guests queuing to collect their tickets and drinks/popcorn vouchers.



What a busy moment!



Goodies bag free for guests. It’s not empty. There are additional nice freebies inside!


The happy faces of the invited guests.





The cinema hall that we have booked for the movie screening.



The guests began entering and taking their seats.


Can’t wait for the movie to get started.


Short advertisement from Exabytes before the movie, which starring by cute “Exabee”.


Last but not least. The group photo of the Exabytes members.


Good time, great movie and awesome experience. That is the conclusion of this movie screening. We would like to thanks to every clients, business partners and guests who have done us the honour of attending this screening. We hope you did really enjoy this event and wish you a Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year 2008 from Exabytes!


Time moves so fast and it already has come to the last day of this year.

We would like to express our gratitute to our valued clients, business partners and webmaster members for your great support to us through out these years.

Please be informed that our office will be closed on 1 January 2008 and resume work on 2 January 2008. Anyway our technical support will still be available on the New Year’s Day.

We wish you a Happy New Year and continue to have pleasure hosting experience with Exabytes! We will have more surprises for you in year 2008!

Exabytes @ Penang ICT Week – The Finale!


Every beginning will have its ending. Same goes to this ICT Week. Today is the second day or better known as last day of our participation in this year’s ICT Week!

You can catch up on our first day experience here.

Today was a great experience for all of us particularly when we had divided ourselves to different shifts. 4 in a team for morning and afternoon session respectively.

It was a busy morning for us (the exhibitor) when most of the conference and seminar participants were paying visits to our booth! Their positive response towards our products and services brightened up our day. This exhibition was indeed a good opportunity for us to expose more of ourselves to the public and let the public know more on what actually web hosting is.

When we approached them to offer FREE e-Commerce consultation, most of them were eager to learn more on that. Most importantly they provided us with feedbacks that could help us understand more on what aspect that most users needed. We thank every one for their support and response

To wrap up this year’s ICT Week, we shall feature you some of the snapshots of the day!

Here’s our CEO in action!


Our staff-on-duty giving consultation to visitors





Booth visitors – snapped holding Exabytes’ Blue Goodie bag!


To make our exhibition more lively, we had organized this spot and win game! Visitors who was spotted wearing Exabytes’ badge, would be given mystery gift!

Let’s see.. who is our first Spot & Win winner??

Here you go! Mr. Stephen Siaw of Stephen Studio Sdn Bhd!


The second winner of the day is …


Mr Calvin Lee! Surprisingly, he is also our fellow WebmasterMalaysia’s forum member!

Last but not least, the third winner of the day is Dr Yew Foo Keong of SQEM Consultants & Advisors.


It was indeed a fun experience for our maiden exhibition and we hope every one had had a great time!


Exabytes @ MIRC Penang ICT Week – Day 1!


If there are words to describe ICT, to many people, they are likely to be “recondite”, “boring”, “tedious”, “unattractive” or even “dull”. But here’s the good news——there is a spot you will find ICT is not really above the heads of you, and it is fun!

17 December 2007 is a remarkable date in Exabytes milestones. We has given out our maiden exhibition experience to MIRC Penang ICT Week held at Equatorial Hotel, Penang. This is the first time Exabytes participates as exhibitor in such event. Despite today is Monday, however, there were still hundreds of participants registered and joined this great event.

Our booth has received positive response from the event participants. One of our notable services offered in our booth is Free E-Commerce Consultation to visitors, which actually helps them to turn the apathetic perception and understanding about web hosting. We have provided the visitors many useful tips and advices on E-business which they can utilize the website to become the amazing portal to increase company sales and generate more business profit.

There was a nice bit of interested feedbacks from the visitors regarding our hosting plans special promotion for this ICT week as well. Attractive rebates and offers have been offered to our few featured hosting plans as solutions to different requirements and needs from visitors. All of these promotions are only valid for ICT week.

As mentioned, our greatest aim in this event is to make ICT fun, In line with this objective, hence we have organized “spot and win” contest. For ICT week participants who submit the survey form to us, they will be entitled for the contest. If you lucky enough get spotted by us… guess what! You will win a mystery gift!

Sounds interesting? Well, we will still be in the exhibition on the next day 18 December. More great surprises and freebies are waiting for you! Come visit us and have fun!

We definitely willing to share more memorable moments of the event with you. Let’s take a glimpse at some nice snapshots on day 1 of this interesting event!


This is how our booth looks like. Notice the big creature at behind?


It is actually our booth mascot. Huge, stable and friendly pal. Just like our services.





Enthusiastic response from visitors.


Spot & Winner contest.
First Winner – Hew Shen Choong from OSIRIS Group of Companies.


Spot & Winner contest.
Second winner – Judy Khoo Chiew Wah from Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd.


Spot & Win contest.
Third winner – Noorhamy Hj Abd Hamid from Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd.

This Christmas There Will Be No Peace on Earth


No peace on earth?! Hey, calm down. It’s not going to be world war III or the end of days. Instead, you will be treated a lovely Christmas present!

It’s December now and Christmas is just around the corner. To celebrate this joyful moment, we have prepared an especial gift for you. We are pleased to announce that Exabytes is going to hold the second private movie screening at GSC in Pavilion Mall, KL on 29 December! This time we will bring you the blockbuster of this coming Christmas – “Alien Versus Predator: Requiem”!


This movie is the continuation of “Alien Versus Predator” produced on year 2004. Well, no matter you are alien fan, predator supporter or sci-fi fancier, I am sure you certainly do not want to miss out this well-entertaining movie.

Our clients, partners and webmaster members will be invited for this event. We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to those have taken their time to fill in the survey form on our website. Invitation has been sent to those who have been cordially invited and lucky winners who randomly selected from the survey participants. Please be reminded to check your mail as you may have been invited from us.

Time is ticking and the great battle between the two supreme species is going to break out soon. Who will win? Who will survive? Let’s find it out together on the movie day!

MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007 – Visit Us There!


ICT Is Fun!! Visit Exabytes @ Equatorial Hotel!

Come and support the biggest ICT gathering at Penang! This is MIRC’s 2nd flagship event, after the MIRC SME ICT Week. MIRC Penang ICT Week 2007 which is expected to draw more than 1,100 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be held from 13 Dec to 18 Dec at Penang Equatorial Hotel.

This year’s gathering will blend a different kind of combination and its main objective is to make ICT FUN! It will feature trainings, workshops, conference and fun elements such as Business Networking cocktails for those joining Arabian Nite.

Exabytes will also join in the fun this year by participating in their exhibition. We will open a booth there and will provide FREE E-commerce consultation. What are you waiting for? Bookmark your calendar on that day and visit us!

Event details:

Day 1: 17-Dec-07 9am-6pm

Day 2: 18-Dec-07 9am-5:30pm

Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang

See you there, folks!

November 2007 Employee of the Month!


Ah ha! Here comes again the monthly event we were looking forwards for so long. Exabytes Employee of The Month Award! This time the November award goes to one of our handy and competent technical engineer. We are proudly to present you, “Powerpuff Girl of Exabytes” — Ms HP Loh!!

Well, I guess many clients already knew this name and have been aided by her for plenty of technical issues. With following achievements, everyone would no doubt she is well deserved for this honor.

– Particularly she is well-known with her another appellation “Email Queen”. Hey, please do not misunderstand that she is the ultimate spammer who love to flood people mailboxes with forwarded mails or junk mails. In fact, she is the marvelous remedy to our customers suffer by many complicated diseases of email service.

– She is responsible and always take accountability to troubleshoot complicated issues.

– From time to time, she takes initiative to handle issues even they are not directly assigned to her.

– She able to follow up customer issues well and accomplish them in appropriate way.

– During busy time, she always willing to work overtime and assist the other technical engineers to provide support to customer issues.

– She able to complete tasks assigned and provide detailed information. Whenever she faces difficult issues, she won’t throw in the towel easily. The setbacks only strengthen her determination to get to the bottom of the issues and firmly resolve them.

Take a glance at the face of the amazing heroine we are talking about. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a big hand to her!


Xtudent Hosting Plan! Brand new hosting plan exclusively for students!!



Are you a student and seeking a place to host your own blog, photo album or final year project? You are in the right place!

To work in government’s vision to improve the awareness and perception of Internet technology especially among youth in this country, Exabytes has taken initiative to introduce a brand new Xtudent Hosting Plan, typically meet student needs and financial effort.

One of the major reason students nowadays step away from the web hosting is hosting fee that out of their budget. As solution for them, Xtudent Hosting Plan offers absolute remarkable price. With only RM 99.00 per year, they can get a hosting plan, and free domain name for one year worth RM 55. That is less than RM 9 per month!

This hosting plan comes along with Fantastico Deluxe that consists of awesome collection of pre-installed scripts including WordPress, Nucleus, 4images Gallery, Coppermine Photo Gallery, Mambo, Joomla and many more. Just as simple as few clicks, these scripts can be installed successfully.

As addition, Xtudent Hosting Plan supports latest release of PHP 5, Perl, CGI, Ruby on Rail, Apache 2.2.6 etc with free MySQL databases. Now you could host your project, presentation or assignments on real website to amaze your lecturer. For students who wish to refine their web programming skills, this is the perfect platform for your practical training and testing.

I believe that most students are using widely-used domain as email address. With Xtudent hosting plan, you can own your cool personalized email address with preferred domain name!

If you are a student and searching for a right shelter for your website, what are you waiting for? I guess you have no reason to reject this amazing package we specially customized for you.

For more details, check out at following link.


Free 1 Year Hosting for 2 Years Renewal!



Free one year hosting?? That’s true.

As appreciation to our existing clients, Exabytes has launched this cheerful promotion to redound upon their great constant support to us.

All existing clients will get 1 year free if they renew the hosting plans 2 years. This means that you will get 3 years hosting by paying only 2 years hosting fee. With this promotion, you may save up to USD 828.00!. This promotion applies to all our existing clients shared hosting plan and will last until 31 December 2007. Do not miss out this golden opportunity!

Wish to renew now? Click on following link and enjoy the preferential price.

For US hosting clients,

For Malaysia hosting clients,