This coming 1 July 2010, Verisign will increase registry fee for Top-Level domain names by 7% for .com and by 10% for .net domain names. This is indeed a shocking news to the Internet world as it might affect everyone including Exabytes. Due to this fee increase, it might also affect us in giving our customers special promotion prices for .com and .net domains.

Previously in 2008, there was a 7% increase in the registry fee of .com domains and 10% in .net domains.  However, Exabytes still continued to provide the same price for these two domain extensions.

Today in 2010, even though Verisign has increased the registry fee again for .com and .net domains for another 7% and 10%, our domain normal price and the renewal fees paid by our existing customers will still NOT be increased.

To all customers, if you own free hosting accounts or free blogs and do not have a domain name, NOW is the right time for you to get one as we are currently having a special promotion for TLDs (Top-Level Domain Names)!!!

For those who already owned a domain, however if you feel the need to get another one or several to start your new websites or online business, I would suggest that you get them now in this month. Also to anyone out there who would like to own their domain names with different extension domain names for example,,; it is HIGH TIME for you to GRAB ONE NOW.

Exabytes would also like to take this opportunity to present a special offer to those who are interested to transfer their domains to Exabytes. GREAT DISCOUNTS and special goodies await you as we are currently running a special DOMAIN TRANSFER PROMOTION!!! Contact our salespersons NOW to find out more!

Check out every Exabytes website, we do have different domain promotions going on for different products and services.  Please ACT FAST AND GRAB ONE NOW before our promotion ends 30 June 2010!

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