Time lapses, it’s already middle of August. Looking back to July, there were a lot of things happening and there was also SOMEONE VERY IMPORTANT and definitely worth mentioning in the month of JULY! 🙂 Yeah… you’ve guessed it right, it is the moment of truth, and we are here to announce our EOTM for July 2010.

Well, this person is no new face to us at Exabytes and a lot of our clients, as he has been with Exabytes for more than 3 years, assisting customers in finding the most value-added hosting packages and answering all their hosting doubts both via email and telephone.

Patience is his motto and giving the most thorough explanations to clients is his principle. Besides, if you have followed our stories on the various departments in Exabytes, our July’s hero is one of the ‘Active 5’ in our Business Development Department – Malaysia Division. Without further ado, let’s give a big round of applause to welcome our EOTM July 2010 – MR Kevin Ooi!!

Kevin in our eyes, is no ordinary colleague, for his great patience in dealing with customers has put many of us in awe. And in this July, he is officially voted as the EOTM because:

  • very patient in guiding juniors to sell better
  • very patient when handling sales calls + helpdesk tickets and guiding clients at his best
  • works well and is very friendly with his team members and all the colleagues from other departments
  • communicate well with team members
  • initiative to propose/suggest more efficient ways to handle daily tasks

Employee of the Month (July 2010)

Congratulations Kevin, you make us proud!

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Jing Jing
Jing Jing
13 years ago

aHAhAHahahaaa !!! Pose like Tai Lou ~