Whoops. The secret is out! We tried getting the paparazzi off our backs from obtaining more scoops on our latest product, but they just seem so keen to know more about our latest product that is believed to help consumers to save cost during this economic crisis! So enough of stalking already – we’ll make it easier for everybody and share what the secret is all about. Here to make its appearance for the first time, let’s welcome Exabytes latest product – EBossss Website DIY!

EBossss is a Website DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit which is specially designed to meet the needs of both literate and illiterate website builders in setting up their websites at a minimal cost and effort. NO DEVELOPER needed, NO DESIGNER necessary. As user is the “boss of their own website”, all that is required is the user’s creativity with just a touch of their fun-hype aura and their dream website is theirs to have!

No idea how to work a web design software like Photoshop? Don’t fret! Exabytes EBossss provides a very simple 7-steps wizard that allows users to select their preferred website design from over 600 beautiful website templates and setup their web site content via the web based WYSWYG (What You See What You Get) web page editor included.

And remember, they get all that for just RM99/month that comes with free domain name and hosting! Now how’s that sound to hiring a web developer/designer which requires RM2000 – RM5000 to get the same work done, compared to EBossss which costs just a fraction of it!

Interested? Click here for more info on the chance of becoming your own boss!

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