Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud Video Hosting
There’s currently over one exabyte of data stored on the cloud. That’s 1,073,741,824 gigabytes or, in other words, a lot of data. In general, cloud computing uses distributed resources like remote servers and data centers to accomplish a range of tasks, including hosting and storing data. Cloud hosting for video production, in particular, has become increasingly popular for its flexibility, scalability, and high performance. It eliminates reliance on dedicated hardware and offers unparalleled benefits.
Faster data delivery
Content delivery networks (CDNs) are now increasingly used to host resource-intensive data like video streams. They essentially provide faster data access resulting in a reliable viewing experience across multiple devices. For example, if someone in Australia wants to watch a live video broadcasting from America, the CDN analyses the viewer’s location and streams the media directly to their device from servers in Australia. This minimizes delays and video loading times, resulting in a better viewing experience. Multiple bit rates also eliminate the problem of buffering and make it possible to change video quality. Providing a reliable and enjoyable viewing experience will make it easier for you to grow an audience. It’s also important, however, to use an effective SEO strategy to ensure you rank highly in the search results to attract even more viewers. Once people click on your content, the seamless viewing experience created by cloud hosting will help them stick around.
Impressive storage capacity
Producing video content requires ample storage space and it’s not always practical to have 100 terabytes stored on multiple different hard drives. Physical hard drives can also become damaged, resulting in lost work. Hosting your videos on the cloud essentially provides you with infinite storage capacity. With cloud hosting, you can upload, store, and play as many videos as you want, therefore creating a huge and easily accessible media library. You don’t have to worry about running out of space. With cloud hosting, you can effortlessly deliver content no matter what.
Horizontal scaling
No matter how many videos you have to transcode, the cloud can take care of it. Horizontal scaling allows for the completion of additional workload volumes and prioritizes performance along with storage capacity. All you need to do is provide an input file and your cloud service provider can transcode it into high-quality videos accordingly and archive them in the cloud. It’s also important to have an online backup of your video archive as a precaution. You can download online backup tools which create backups of videos and ensure files are replicated in the cloud as soon as they’re created or edited. Some tools also have the convenient option to formulate backups overnight, which means the process is then less likely to dominate your system resources.
Cloud hosting services are also a great choice as they ensure videos remain available even if one point of connection fails. With a complex cloud environment hosting multiple servers (database, streaming web and ingest transfer), risk of dropped connections is minimized. Traffic is simply shifted to another part of the system. For convenience, reliability, and viewer satisfaction, cloud video hosting is the way to go.
Consider using VPS hosting as your cloud video hosting to fulfill all the requirements above. If you are serious about your video production, you can even go to another step further by getting a dedicated server to have everything securely stored in the cloud.