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Rank #1 on Google Improve your website traffic and business

SEO for Long-Term Business Strategy

SEO Brand Discoverable

Make Your Brand Discoverable on Google

Increased brand visibility lets potential customers reach you easily online. Your brand will get found before your competitors. Get ranked up on the first page of Google.

Generate Strong ROI

Providing a better user experience and relevant information on your website helps in sales conversion. Let your visitors find what they need and purchase on your website.

SEO Generate Strong ROI
SEO Long-Term, Sustainable Traffic

Build Long-Term, Sustainable Traffic

Maintain your website traffic with the help of SEO. You can even cut down your other marketing spending. Customers will still visit your page organically.

Do You Want Your Website Ranking To Look Like This?

Your website is useless if no one sees it. Structured data ensures your page ranking is better than others. Besides ranking improvement, snippets also help you stand out in the search results compared to your competitors. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps your website rank at the TOP of the search engine result page (SERP).


Rich Snippet

With Rich Snippets, the search results of your product will be more eye-catching than normal search results.


Paragraph Featured Snippet

Paragraph snippets will show the answer in the paragraph based on what users search and query.


Numbered List Featured Snippet

The numbered featured snippets present the content in numbers and give an explanation of the step-by-step instructions. If the list is too long, you could click on “More Items”, which links to the source page.


Bulleted List Featured Snippet

Bulleted featured snippets will display the content or list out the main points with bullets. If the list is too long, then you will see “More Items” and it will link back to the source page.

Exabytes Manages SEO for Your Business

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Professional SEO Specialist

A dedicated SEO specialist provides professional advice and executes the SEO strategy to achieve the set objectives.


Website Audit

We audit your website to find out what is affecting the SEO performance so that it can be improved.

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Keyword Research

Analyse and find out the high search volume keywords that are related to your business.


Content Marketing

We revise your website contents with SEO keywords and ensure all your website information is relevant and catchy.

SEO Basic for Starters

SEO Basic for Starters

Fully managed SEO services provided for SMEs looking for long-term and stable marketing strategy. Make your brand discoverable on Google with keywords or phrases commonly used in online search.

$300/ mo

*Terms and conditions apply.

Your SEO Journey with Exabytes

SEO Exa 1

Sign up with Exabytes

Sign up for any SEO plan with Exabytes.

SEO Exa 2

Assigned SEO Specialist

Our specialist will contact you to get information.

SEO Exa 3

Review & Propose Action Plan

We’ll review your website and propose a tailored action plan for you.

SEO Exa 4

Execute SEO Framework

We’ll optimise your website based on a tailored SEO Strategy.

SEO Exa 5


You can monitor the results in the monthly reports.

Let the Results Speak for Our Professionalism

Songket Republik

40% sales increase from new customers

Songket Republik is a manufacturer of Songket Tenun for the markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. The pandemic has prompted Songket Republik to take its business online. The company signed up for SEO services with Exabytes and gained up to a 40% sales increase from new customers.

Sales Increase

Keywords Ranked

SEO Plans

SEO Basic

As low as

Keywords: 10
3 Wording Keywords & Country Name Keywords
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
Website Maintenance (10 hours/monthly)
Monthly Report

SEO Deluxe

As low as

Keywords: 20
3 Wording Keywords & Country Name Keywords
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
Website Maintenance (10 hours/monthly)
Monthly Report

SEO Ultimate

As low as

Keywords: 30
3 Wording Keywords & Country Name Keywords
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
1 Creation of Video Marketing Content (30 seconds) per year
Website Maintenance (10 hours/monthly)
Monthly Report

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the act of optimizing websites to increase visibility on search engines such as Google. The more effort you put in website SEO, the higher your website ranks on Google; the more qualified organic traffic you have.
    If you are targeting competitive keywords, SEO can take upwards of 6 months to a year.

    Yes, Google already announced HTTPS as a ranking signal back in 2014.

    Yes. Each of the blog post or article is another chance for your website to rank a specific keywords to your business. Content still the king as always.

    Google follows the 3 basic steps to generate the results from web pages:

    1. Crawling
    2. Indexing
    3. Service (ranking)

    Click this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide from the Google Search Central documentation.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. All prices are quoted in US Dollar.
    2. Only English language is supported in all our SEO packages.
    3. Minimum contract period from commencement of the Local Business Listing service will be 12 months.
    4. Service delivery after initial contract term will be on a rolling annual contract renewal basis and billed annually in advance.
    5. Strictly NO REFUND for any cancellation.
    6. For enquiries, please contact us.
    7. You do agree to our terms of service available here.
    8. Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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