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Singapore Colocation

Choose Exabytes Singapore Co-location service for Max Reliability & Performance

Exabytes high availability & high bandwidth solutions, coupled with the state-of-the-art data centres are designed to give businesses everything they need. Besides, with other data centres situated around the world, our worldwide customers enjoy the fastest network access, besides 24/7 Server Care.

Multiple Server Co-Location

Shared Rack

As low as

100Mbps Bandwidth
0.2KW Power
5U Rack Space
2 Power Points
4 IP Addresses
2 Devices Allowed
DDoS Mitigation
Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore

Quarter Rack

As low as

100Mbps Bandwidth
0.4KW Power
12U Rack Space
4 Power Points
8 IP Addresses
4 Devices Allowed
DDoS Mitigation
Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore

Half Rack

As low as

100Mbps Bandwidth
0.7KW Power
20U Rack Space
10 Power Points
12 IP Addresses
10 Devices Allowed
DDoS Mitigation
Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore

Full Rack

As low as

100Mbps Bandwidth
1.5KW Power
42U Rack Space
20 Power Points
20 IP Addresses
20 Devices Allowed
DDoS Mitigation
Dedicated Server rack
Better Security Protection
Free Apple iPad or SecretLab Gaming Chair
Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore

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    Single Server Colocation

    1U Rack Mount

    As low as

    100Mbps Bandwidth
    1U Rack Space
    1 Power Point
    4 IP Addresses
    DDoS Mitigation
    230V/ 50 Hz/ 16Amp AC Voltage
    Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore

    2U Rack Mount

    As low as

    100Mbps Bandwidth
    2U Rack Space
    1 Power Point
    4 IP Addresses
    DDoS Mitigation
    230V/ 50 Hz/ 16Amp AC Voltage
    Exabytes Data Center @ Singapore
    colocation server

    Exabytes Server Co-Location

    Thousands have trusted us in managing their servers! Don’t wait, inquire TODAY!

    Manage a server is never easy. Reliable security, constant power supply, a group of professional engineers is just a few must-haves to ensure great server management and efficiency.

    With Exabytes Server Co-Location Services, you rent a space in our well-equipped data center and let our network and server specialists manage your server and make sure it stays in its top notch condition at all times.

    Exabytes Singapore Data Centre


    Exabytes Singapore Data Center is a single-tenant, certified by Uptime Institute, within its own secure compound. This facility is designed to comply with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s stringent security guidelines for data centers confirmed by independent, third party Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA).

    With maximum 10 kVA power density, Exabytes Singapore Data Center is ideal for customers with high-power, high-availability requirements, offering them a conveniently located carrier-neutral facility with access to round-the-clock support from data center experts.

    Part of the newly-launched, the first pan-Asia Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) architecture enabling organizations to provision network resources within minutes across multiple sites, Exabytes Singapore Data Center interconnects with other PEN-enabled facilities to offer customers the flexibility to create a truly virtual Asia-Pacific data center. Read More.

    What is Server Co-location?

    Server Co-location is a data center facility that allows you to place your server/machine in a specific location. The data centre will share the bandwidth with your machine. The colocation provider will offer its users a rack for their servers/machines, which also comes with an IP, power, hardware facilities, etc.

    What Are The Benefits Of Server Co-Location?

    By-Pass Startup Costs And Get A Robust And Economical IT Infrastructure

    Building the IT infrastructure to support your application can be very costly when you factor in hardware and software costs, knowledgeable staff, environmentally controlled facilities and daily maintenance, let alone setting up an Internet backbone that ensures reliability and uptime for your customers. Server rental would be a more economic way to go with.

    server configuration

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Promotion price only entitle for new signup.
    2. Power consumption is metered. Usage above the allocation may be requested at S$700/month per 1KW.
    3. No deposit required.
    4. Server will be hosted in Singapore Data Center.
    5. 80% of the bandwidth 100Mbit/s of Internet Connection is allocated for Local (Singapore) access while the remaining 20% is allocated for International access.
    6. Month to month contract.
    7. Pricing include 1st Level Technical Support (reboot & remote assistance)
    8. Service cancellation need to be made 30 days in advance.
    9. Please download the Visit Data Center form here before you visit our data center for your server installation.
    10. No Refund is allowed for purchases. Standard early termination charge is 100% of the prepaid amount of the remaining unexpired period.
    11. This promotion (iPad Giveaway) is applicable to new sign up of Exabytes server plans.
    12. Promotion (iPad Giveaway) period: 1 – 28 February 2023.
    13. In order to claim the prize, payment must be made successfully and invoice (with minimum S$12,000 per year / per contract) marked ‘Paid’.
    14. The first 10 sign ups will get one iPad 10.2 for Free.
    15. For enquiries, please contact us.
    16. You do https://www.exabytes.sg/legalagree to our terms of service available here.

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