Who says an introverted person can’t be friendly and approachable? This time around, a quiet yet approachable person in the office has won the title of EOTM for April 2010! Time flies, and it has been quite a long time since we had our first EOTM.

Still, the question comes to our mind: What exactly are the attributes/good qualities which contribute to the winning of the tile EOTM? Work with zeal and dedication and wouldn’t mind at all to work beyond his/her shift hours to complete a task? CHECKED! In situations which he/she has not encountered before, he/she is able to initiate solutions to resolve the issue? CHECKED! Possesses an approachable and helpful attitude when working with others? CHECKED!

With all these much sought after attributes as well as his pleasant and delectable personality, it makes a shy person really stand out from the crowd! Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Yazid, our EOTM for April 2010!!!

Congratulations Yazid! Although Yazid or fondly known as Zid among his buddies in ‘Brothers In Arms’ is shy and a bit introverted by nature, when duty calls, he does not shy away to resolve the issues at hand. And oops, have I mentioned that he also has a smile which can melt a girl’s heart? 🙂

Reasons he was voted as our EOTM for April 2010:

• Initiative to come up with solutions
• Willing to work beyond working hours to complete his tasks
• Innate (natural) ability to work with everyone

EOTM April 2010

Again, congratulations Yazid, you make us proud!

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