Create New Email Account Using Your Own Domain Name

Yes, you can be using Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo and other free email services for your work. But when it comes to business, using a professional email is a must. People or companies with domain-based email address simply appear more credible to your audience/customers.

Let’s emphasize with an example [email protected] or [email protected]? Which email brings more trust and is easier to remember?

Free email just fine for emailing your friends and family. But when you send and receive emails with your customers then you need to look professional.

Create a New Email Account, To Manage Your Business Better

Keeping all your emails in one account will actually make email management more complicated. If your company has more than one worker, free email is not a solution. If using 1 email to sort it all, you’ll be having a hard time getting to the most important emails as your inbox becomes overloaded with spam and promotional emails.

If you’re emailing for personal and professional out of the same account, you’ll run the risk of sending a personal email to your potential big clients.

Create New Domain-Base Email Account to Maintain Your Online Identity.

Similar to the above, you should use a different email for different purposes. To handle social networking sites, or other online conversations, it better to use with [email protected]

A professional domain that easily ties back to you. Situations where you might want to maintain your anonymity, you may create [email protected] for your business.

To organize different jobs, projects, or teams.

Just as you might want different accounts for work, personal, finance and so on. If your company working with a few different big companies and you wish to provide a different level of support, you may find the best way to organize emails between different clients is by giving each client a dedicated email.


What To Have Before You Can Create New Email Account Using Your Domain Name.

You will need a Domain name and web hosting, or stand-alone email hosting to serve you. You may need to check your hosting plan that allows handling of how many emails at the same time.

The good thing about getting a domain name and hosting all from the same place is that you don’t have to configure nameservers or fiddle around with DNS settings. Everything is already set up for you!

Here are the steps for Linux CPanel Hosting

In case you need our hosting plan. Here is our Linux Web Hosting – comes with a free domain and personalized email account.

Step 1: First of all, log into your Hosting cPanel account.

Step 2: Scroll down and look under “Mail”, and select “Email Accounts”.


Step 3: You can insert all the necessary information for the new email account. For password, bear in mind that your Password Strength must be over 55.


Step 4: Click “Create Account” to create an email account

Step 5: Your Email Account has been created.
*To create multiple email accounts, simply repeat the steps.


Webmail Login For Your New Email Create

To login to your New Domain Name Email Account, try to access it via http://(yourdomain).com/webmail

Below is the login screen for your New Email Account;