role of AI in helping customer experience

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite a while but it’s development has improved in the recent years as well as its usage and demand. And while it still hasn’t caught up to 80s movies expectations of what it would be like today, it is doing wonders for many industries.

From healthcare to automotive industry, it’s helping people do their job better and more efficiently. The main use today is in dealing with repetitive and redundant tasks so that humans can work on planning and other more creative tasks.

But nowhere has it been so well accepted as it has been in the marketing industry.

It can handle anything from communicating with customers to analyzing huge amounts of data and providing useful insights.

AI has also proven useful in the area of improving customer experience and this is where it shines.

Here is how AI improved customer experience across the globe.

What Is AI?

So, what is this magical AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence – you can imagine it as a robot or as a machine that learns from the data you feed it. The more data you feed it, the more it’s able to give you the right answers and results. Nowadays, AI is really advanced and used in various area. Google is using RankBrain to improve their customer experience by having this AI determine how good pages on the web are,” says Miranda Bey, a Senior Marketer at State of writing and Big Assignments.

AI can perform numerous tasks – gather, analyze and provide insights for a lot or data, and do many things humans ask it to.

It was designed to simulate human behaviour but better – learning faster and more, not getting tired and so on.

AI And Customer Experience

AI, as mentioned, is a great addition to customer experience. It helps marketers make their campaigns not only better but also more effective and it’s helping customers find what they need.

Sephora is a brand that took AI seriously and reaped rewards for it. It has a Visual Artist product – a feature which allows the users to test their products on their images before they buy them which is a great customer satisfaction element.

Here are some ways in which AI changed and improved customer service.

Customer Service Is Changing

One of the biggest effects AI had on customer service is making it automated, faster, and hassle-free. This means that customers could land on your website at any time and get premium help that they need without the hassle of calling, sending an email or something similar. All they have to do is send a message to a chatbot which is usually right there, embedded on your site,” says Armando Belliot, a Tech writer at Academized and OX Essays.

Chatbot technology made customer service less expensive for business owners and less stressful for customers. While it used to be scary to call the company and ask for either some help or to complain, now the chatbot is there to listen. You can get quick responses on any kind of questions.

The chatbot can work 24/7 and never get tired so business owners can be sure that their customer service will be standardized and good for every user.

Virtual assistants are similar to chatbots yet different in many ways. Some of the most popular ones include Google Virtual Assistant, Siri, Alexa and so on. They are all full of personality and have a ton of different responses to different topics, they can tell jokes and sing as well as doing many useful things like calling or texting someone from the contact list on demand.

It Implements Predictive Personalization

AI is quick in analyzing data and therefore can quickly personalize the responses. It naturally integrates with customer’s lives and it provides a premium experience.

It can also gather all the necessary data to make the customers happy. It tracks their behaviour, their preferences and so on to give companies useful data and also predict what the customers will want and like.

High-Impact Insights

As mentioned, AI is best at grabbing and analysing data. There is so much structured and unstructured data nowadays that humans can’t process it on their own without spending unnecessary amount of time on tedious tasks. Fortunately, AI does this quicker and better, delivering great insights that can help marketers focus on strategizing and planning – the creative part of work.

Many companies decided to implement AI in various forms. Chatbots, for one, are so common nowadays on websites and in businesses, that customers almost expect them. They prefer chatbots to actual humans because it is a lot less stressful for them that way.

Customer experience is extremely important. If your customers are satisfied you have a better chance at conversions, good reviews and customer loyalty. You can use the insights as well and get information for your marketing campaigns. Hopefully, you’ll start using AI for your business and see just how good it can be.