Hi Guys, some of you might know and some might not aware that there is a profile image show up whenever you reply in wordpress or other blogsite.

For those who are not sure what it is and where to get it, now we may provide you with a simple procedure to make your own one 🙂

It is called Gravatar. When you replying the comments in blog, it will recognise your email address and furthe show the image you have previously setup.

Let’s see how easy to create one!

Step 1: Go to http://en.gravatar.com/


Step 2: Enter your email address


Step 3: Proceed validation from confirmation email


Step 4: Log in, and go to “Add an image


Step 5: Select the source to get your nice picture 🙂


Step 6: Performing some adjustment for best fit…


Step 7: Rate it!


Step 8: If you have more than 1 email accounts, this step will request you to choose which email address will responsive to your new Gravatar image


Step 9: Done! 😀

It is very simple isn’t it?

Now, please reply and share with us about your handsome and pretty new Gravatar picture! 🙂

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