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Transfer & Renew Your Existing Domains Now

Our domain transfers come with a pre-default one year transfer period.
If you wish to save more with extra years, please contact our Live Chat for help.

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  • FREE DNS Management
  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .BIZ
  • .INFO
  • .ASIA
  • .ME
  • .US
  • .PRO
  • .NAME
  • .TEL
  • .NEWS
  • .CC
  • .TV
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Transfer & Renew Your Existing Domains Now

Our domain transfers come with a pre-default one year transfer period.
If you wish to save more with extra years, please contact our Live Chat for help.

How To Transfer & Renew Your Existing Domain?

Transfer Step 2

Step 1

Key in Your Existing Domain Hosted with others registrar.


Step 2

Key in the EPP Code for authorization (can be obtained from your current registrar).

Click here to find out what EPP code is.

Transfer Step 3

Step 3

Check out, fill out the details and enjoy the renewal promotion for your domain.

Why Choose Exabytes?

Why Choose Exabytes? With over 100,000 domains and 100,000+ websites hosted with us,
we have solid professional experience and a reputable customer service to assist you beyond domain registrations and website hosting!

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We offer the lowest price in town for domains. On top of that we offer money-back guarantee, you can have a peace of mind. All our domains come with FREE DNS management.

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Friendly Customer Service

Chat with our specialists who know your needs like the back of his hand. Email us at [email protected] for enquiries.


Reliability & Security

At Exabytes, reliability is never compromised. We’ve been a stable and a quality-oriented hosting company in the past 14 years. With us, you can rest assured that your websites will always be well taken care of, just like you’d expect.

Professional 24x7x365 Technical & Sales Support

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You deserve the best, which is why we are reachable for assistance 24x7x365—even during public holidays. Our knowledgeable & helpful tech support team is always ready to assist you through phone call and online ticketing support.

Your Question, Our Answer

Why should I transfer my domains to Exabytes?

At Exabytes, domain transfers are charged per name at a flat fee, and also we provide low renewal fee. We will pre-default one year transfer period together with your remaining registration period of your domain.

What is Authorization Info / EPP Code?

An authorization code (also referred to as an <AUTHINFO>, <AUTO>, auth code, Authinfo code or an EPP code); is a 6- to 16-character “password” assigned by a sponsoring Registrar.

Why the Authorization Info / EPP Code is required?

This code is required by the central registry to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. The Authorization Info / EPP Code are designed to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transfers.

How to get Authorization Info / EPP Code for my domain name?

Registrant is required to contact the current domain Registrar of the domain to request for the domain’s Authorization Info / EPP Code.

You must get your EPP code from your current registrar (also called the “losing” registrar), and give it to the registrar that you are transferring your name to. The gaining registrar will verify this code with the central registry, and if it matches, then you will be able to transfer your domain name. The only place that you can get your EPP code is from the registrar that your name is currently registered at.

We recommended obtaining your domain’s Authorization Code before initiating a domain transfer request.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name to Exabytes?

A registrar transfer process will requires 2-10 business days to complete.

My old registrar is charging me a fee to transfer to a new registrar. Is this allowed?

Yes. Registrars are allowed to set their own prices for this service so some may choose to charge a fee. However, a transfer cannot be denied due to non-payment of this transfer fee.

Why my domain transfer is being denied?

  • Your domain name has not expired and within 30 days from the domain expiry date.
  • Domain name must be registered for more than 60 days.
  • Domain name must be renewed for more than 45 days.
  • Ensure the domain name is not involved in any legal or payment dispute.
  • Ensure the domain name status is set to “ACTIVE”.
  • Ensure the domain name WhoIs ID Protection (if purchased) is disabled.

If I had purchased the WhoIs ID Protection, will it be transferred together with my domain name?

Whois ID Protection is non- transferable. You will have to re-purchase a new Whois ID Protection with us. The price for ID Protection is USD 2.90 per year.

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